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........., some how i still remember

........., some how i still remember

I still remember my poor neighborhood
How I used to sit n wait for crumbs
Perhaps I could quench fire of hunger
Emanating from my stomach n brain.

2hours had passed
Yet no one recognized my presence
3hours had passed
and each step as though coming to me
4hours had passed
and my mouth still opened
Waiting to answer a call that I never heard.

Now my miserable self is walking away
To bury itself on mama’s foam
Praying to God alone
To sustain this troubled soul

I’ll never forget my cruel neighbor
That met my problem with spoilt beans
This threatened to seize my breath
I still remember the number of beans
In her red round plate.

I still remember the night
I lay with a mad man behind me
I have not forgotten the rain that woke me up that night.
Behind the corridor of our pit latrine
I still feel it cold sometimes.

If I’ve a pen
I’ll write about my life
I’ll tell of my encounter with men n ghost
I’ll narrate my entire encounter with beasts’ n monsters
Even how I kept my dreams in the midst of nightmares.

I still remember those that mocked me
When I wore rags n hunt rats,
Even those that despise me
When I wine n dine in the same plate with pigs
I’ve not forgotten.

I still remember Juliet my first love
Fairest of all women I ever met
Tender n comely to behold,
I’ve not forgotten how I shivered
Like one exposed to zero degree weather
The first time I met her,
I had never forgotten how I was overcame
By sorrow n pain inflicted upon me by
Harsh condition n uncertainties
When I try to express my deep affection for her.

I still remember
The road to yam market
I still remember my spot in a white Toyota bus
I still recall the number of times
We frequent that path on daily basis
I’ve not forgotten
Those women who felt sorry
For a 12 years old bus conductor.

I still remember
The number of bus that overtook me
As I trekked to and fro high school
I still remember the number of pot holes
On that path.

I still remember the first time I cried
I cried when no one could understand my pain
I cried for love that I never had
I cried for my lost script
Instead of consolation all I received,
Was a shout n a closed door
So I cried.

I still remember the day
A clergy told me that my dad is not fit to live
I still remember all the pain I nursed as a little boy
I’ve not forgotten all the odd moments of my life
But I had let them behind me.

All my life
I’ve tried to forgive everything
That ever hurt me
But somehow
I still remember.


slum in gidi
Our habitation is a trash field.

We consume all the waste of our city,

in our vicinity, tyres outnumber people

Yet we have no motorbikes.

We build our tent with rusted zinc

and reinforce the top with blown tyres.

Snake n scorpion our unfriendly neighbors,

though we’ve learn to live with them.

The floor inside our tent, is our priceless foam,

while we employed round shaped stone as pillow.

water is far from us,

so we learnt to cope with our urine.

We wine n dine in the same plate with dogs n pigs,

the prodigal son of old could not

endure our tent for a night.

We are independent prisoners

entangled with piercing chain of poverty.

Meted upon us by our own mother’s children,

their abode is the high places of the earth.

While we occupied this crooked dungeon.

Oh the path we tread

Full of thorns n traps

Stained by blood of the poor n martyrs

Not meant for the weak

To prevail in this jungle you ought to be a tiger

For years we’ve been on this path

After our oppressors left us

Our own brother in turn became our tormentors

They made our journey full of briers n sorrow

Dogs are not fit to survive in this jungle

Elephants can’t dare it

To prevail in this jungle you ought to be a tiger

Our leaders are our traitors

They promise light

In return we saw fire

They promise water

In return we saw spit

Their habitation is in the dark places of the earth

Therefore our path they left dark like night

Sheep cannot cope in our journey

Neither can goat venture it

To prevail u ought to be a tiger

We prayed for leaders

But found rulers

We prayed for home

Our rulers gave us jungle

We sought for pillow to lay our wearied head

But found stone

We prayed for road

But our rulers set traps on our highways

Thousands of us had watered that

path with their blood

No Bull survived it neither did any
Antelope crossed it

To prevail you ought to be a tiger

To survive this jungle most of us ran to spiritual tents

Perhaps we could be made invincible

Lo our merchants are slaves in the underworld

In search for power they have drank

from pot of destruction

Little wonder they are pencils in the devil’s hand

Leaving our path hard like rock

Oh the path we tread no monkey can venture

To prevail you ought to be a tiger

our rulers to us have become like vipers

our rulers to us have become like vipers

We partook not in their crimes

Yet we suffered its consequence

Their errors had left our towns in shambles

Our people are paying dearly for a

depth they owe not

Diseases n hunger are ravaging our


So everywhere in the city

we’ve their burdens on our

Some on their head.

When will this evil cease

We’re like people with no ruler

Disorderliness had become the order of the day

The watchmen are not different from thieves

Neither exists any different between

our lawmakers n its offenders.

In the same cup they wine

In the same basin they wash their hands

Their iniquity had invoked curse on our land

But we bore the pain of a crime we knew not

So everywhere in the city

we’ve their burdens on our

Some on their head.

Lucifer shall not remain forever in

Papal’s throne I once heard.

But woe to the people while he tarried

They shall seek for justice and have troubles

They shall seek for bread and have stones

They seek for knowledge and have ignorant

The inhabitants shall account for a crime they knew not

The people shall wander about like sheep without shepherd

Such is our story

So everywhere in the city

we’ve their burdens on our

Some on their head.

cruel mum

cruel mum

My mum denied my world

The joy of every sperm in the womb

I beat billions to make it

For some reasons unknown

I found myself in a trash field

When I was just some minute old

I cried for her love

But was embrace by flies

I sought for her kiss

But was licked by a dog

So I cried n cried my eyes out

But no one heard me

Rain fell n watered my fragile body

Mosquitoes had a nice time on my body

Before dawn I was already a ghost

Oh! Mother why

when pain could not go away

when pain could not go away

for nine month she had him in her belly

she sang at every corner of her room

for the joy of the seed in her Tommy

oh! it could be a handsome groom

she imagined n prayed

he could grew up to rule the world she uttered

as she sang worship song to God alone

for the seed in her womb alone.

at the time of life she conceived him

her dream had come true it seems

for a baby boy was born

song from women almost expose her room to sun

their dance almost cause the room to quake

her husband had no sorrow to bake

for a baby boy is born

with a prideful countenance he declares; come behold my son

night after night

day after day

her seed was becoming a beautiful tree

so beautiful n evergreen like it is planted behind a sea

he was the talk of town

he was fondly called the family crown

why are the mighty fallen

n our heart swollen

like a candle that burns till it fades

so the days of men vanishes away

my precious egg is fallen before my very eyes

let me die for the pain i carry is not my size

behold they that rejoice with me

are coming to mourn with me

i must die with him

perhaps in the world beyond i can console him

for his dreams that he never live to actualize

oh God! why ? she cried

wish i have my father as model

i wish i see his life style as a mirror

i grew up in a cave

inside a room that my mind was bigger

observing my little god attend to issues

most times not satisfy with his conclusions

i watch him n mum put on a show

I’ll never like to watch again

I’ve seen him put on a show in a brothel

then i wondered the habitation of the wisdom

i question the very wisdom that bring me forth

i wonder if wisdom has expiring date

i guessed my fathers wisdom has left him

but who barbed his hair like Samson

who could be the Delilah that brought this ruin

a preacher once counsel ;

is not better for him to kiss the world bye

a statement i found difficult to forget

everyday in the prayer room

seeking for a remedy to my calamity

i starved my eyes in supplication

for God to restore his hair

he was a general in his youth

he was a strength to reckon

he was an epitome of strength n hardwork

our fountain of wisdom

till now we still reap from his glory

but this glory is fast fading

unlike many women

i have heard my mum praying;

none of my son will be like my boo

like a knife to my chest but no better truth than her prayer

when i call, like u can't recall my name

when i call, like u can't recall my name

I laid the foundation you needed to grow

I established the path you needed to follow

I built the institution where u obtain your school of thought

all your early life crises i stood and fought

I got all my neighbourhood candles burnt

so i can have u smile

but now that you have gotten all you want

you cant even recall my name

if your memory is quick

and if you care to think

then you may recall

how i crucified my freedom

to save u from prison

I broke protocols to have u smile

but now that you’ve gotten what u want

you can’t even recall my name

I have tried many times to access your number

but my voice like u can’t remember

this tends to make me sober

n wants to expose my fragile heart to danger

oh! how i wearied body in my quest to make you smile

but now that you’ve gotten what u want

you can’t even recall my name