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........, u've got to answer this call

........, u've got to answer this call

I am their messiah
As prophesied by Isaiah
Though born in a manger
Exposed to danger
Worshiped first by strangers.

I’m their own
For them I dropped my life, on my own
Yet they recognized not the seed I’ve sown
So I stretched forth my hand to unknowns
For them too I own.

What have we done?
To deserve his blood they wondered.
Oh only if you can hear the son
You would have
Answer this call for abundant.

God’s only begotten son
Is still calling;
Make haste before I shut the door
All I have is yours
Only when you answer this call

You’ve got to turn a new leaf
All I need from you is lord I belief
Then all Calvary blessings will be yours
And you will become part of us
A coheir to riches untold
Which by it self soon will unfold.


i've tried to invoke ur number through the wonder of technology but somehow the network is too busy

i've tried to invoke ur number through the wonder of technology but somehow the network is too busy

Whose is this face?

This beautiful face that my mind behold

As though I was in Eden

This beautiful face that never fade in my memory

The most beautiful I ever imagined

Behold the woman; mother eve

Mother of kings n slaves

Mother of cops n thieves

Mother of sinners’ n saints

All the world children are yours

Your flesh is my flesh

N your bone in my bone

Oh yea! I can feel it

The quest to know more

Still burn in my mind

But I pray I do not come to ruin

Like you in my quest for knowledge

For in your quest for knowledge

You defiled the commandment of the most high

N today the quest for knowledge

Had exposed us to nuclear weapon

Threatening the very life we live

In our quest for knowledge

We’ve stumbled upon aids

N many deadly diseases

In our quest for knowledge we

Almost discovered how a woman can have

A baby without a man.

So in future our men will marry trees

N has leaves as their baby

Tomorrow some of us may pack to mercury

While others may have their farms in mars

Ma! Just like you ran for cover

We’ve invented antiballistic missile

We’ve invented drugs to cure the pain we created

Though most are not much effective

We still enjoy some level of covering

For a very long time Ma!

I’ve been trying to reach your number

Through the wonders of technology

But your network was too busy

N sometimes my call diverted

To the realms of infinite quest for knowledge

I shall remain connected on this path

Till the network gets better

Then I may tell you

Our gain n pain in our quest for knowledge,

let defend the city of our God

let defend the city of our God

Men Of David

my heart is enslaved by thought of old
in ancient Israel it has found a tale yet untold
in the manner i am going to declare it on this mountain full of cold

sail oh sail
sheep of great warriors in Israel
for the cedars are at your mercy
fig trees bow on seeing you
the archers are at your might
the king’s enemies tremble at your presence
great n valiant men of battle are you oh! mighty men of David

let defend the city of our God
n the habitation of our people
you chorus on your way to battle field
behold the terrible works wroth by your hands in battle
n how quick you waxed great in the midst of your foes

I’ll sing a song of old
a song about a tale untold
yea! that, i will do in this mountain full of cold

talk about David
n you will talk about Adino the Ezrite
chief among the captains
champion of champions i call him
who lifted up his spear in battle
n it claim the lives of eight hundred enemies

talk about David
n you will talk about Eleazar the son of Dodo
who smote the Philistines
until his hand was weary n cleave to the sword

talk about David
n you will talk bout Agee the Hararite
who stood firm alone
when the whole of Israel ran away from the philistine
he stood in the midst of ground n defendended it
with heads of hundreds of philistine on the floor

talk about David
n you will talk about the three mighty men
they broke through the host of philistines
to get water out of the well of Bethlehem
when the king was thirsty
the king heard of it n marvel

Abishai the son of zeruiah
is one of the three mighty men
he is was a force to reckon in battle
stronger than the bulls of Mexico is my brother Abishai
at a time in battle, he lifts up his spear n it claim three hundred lives

Benaiah theson of Jehoida
is one the three mighty men
He slew two lion likemen of moab
also with his hands he slew a lion
with a stick only he fought an Egyptian
who had a heavy spear
n with the spear of the Egyptian he slew the Egyptian

talk about David
n you will talk about Elhanam the son of Jair
who slew Lah’mi the brother of Goliath

talk about David
n you will talk about Jonathan the son of
David brother Shimea
he stood against a man of great stature
a man whose fingers and toes were four n twenty

talk about David
n you will talk about Joab the son of Zeruiah
who went up to Jerusalem n smote the jebusite
so as to pave way for king David into Jerusalem
this singular act made joab the captain of the host of Israel

talk about David
n you will talk about all those men
whose name are written in the book of second chronicle 11;26-47
this heroes are the ssecretbehind the victories of King David of old

oh! my lips must tell this tale of old
i will buy it n not have it sold
for in my quest for greatness it has made me bold