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kidnap me

kidnap me

I’m a Nigerian
I’m an independent prisoner
My leaders are my oppressors
I’m blessed with abundance
Yet deprived of its pleasure
When I cried no one heard me
When I pray it contends with my ceiling
My soul is wearied n my body tired
Please Kidnap me.

I’m a Nigerian
I was born with silver spoon
Yet devour my meal with rubber
I am a victim of all crises
An attack in Iraq
Can result to blood shed in my environ
Dollars melt down
Can result to naira freezing
An outbreak of virus in china
Can eliminate all of my country men n women
So I am hunted by fear of survival
Please kidnap me.

I’m a Nigerian
I wrote various tests to get to college
Yet on graduation
I live on the mercy of touts
My institutions are confused as confusion itself
They bridged the gulf between justice n evil with traps
So we lost most of our brothers n sisters in their quest for truth
And now I am afraid to exercise my right
But endures to live with my left
Please kidnap me.

I’m a Nigerian
Don’t be mad at me
If you hear people call me militants
Or labeled street urchins on the dailies
My condition had left me with guns
N my circumstance left me with empty plates
I have combed the nooks n crannies of my town for job
But found troubles
I have erased all the letters of my key board editing my CV
Please Kidnap me.

he served our people n we love him

he served our people n we love him

Corper Ade is a royal diadem

A tall n lanky Youngman

Moving across our street like a lion

At first we mistook him for a viper

So we set traps to bring him to justice

But like a fox he escaped all

As time went bye

All our hands were on our heads

Him whom we sought to crucify

Was sent a messiah to us

Like Jesus to the Jews

And like Paul to the gentiles

He revived our community

Setting the heart of fathers against their children

Exposing our heart to new school of thought

A school of thought that will never conform

To the dictates of corruption.

A school of thought that had vowed to fight

So long injustice thrives.

We had problem with some of his ideology

But could not deny its impact.

It brought a fresh light of optimism

Into frustrated n decaying

Hope of our young ones.

Corper Ade a legend in our moonlight tale

The song of our daughters by the riverside

A dream son of every man.

He was here n he served us

We bid him farewell to a greater call

Above all we pray that he spread his gospel

A gospel of revolution

Not necessary a physical one

Perhaps a mental revolution

perhap i need to re-edit my cv

perhap i need to re-edit my cv

Somehow, I’m use to the way,

shame opens up n swallow me

each time I go out to look for a job

Or the noise and chanting emanating

From the soul of my shoe each time

I run for a bus……..

It has gotten to that level

And now, each night I count

the number of people passing our street,

And each night I get the same number.

And when it rains, I count their footprints.

And then last night, I tiptoed to my belove’s apartment

and heard her talking to someone.

Who could be this beast that threatened my happiness

I wondered in tears,

And when I opened the door there was no one ……….

Only my love on her knees ,

praying to God, to get me a job.

My love is black n handsome
Nothing on earth could hold his Love for me to ransom
His words to me like Obama to America
His strength an icon of a true Africa.

I believe he can get me the moon
To him nothing is impossible
When he returns I will ask him to build me,
a skyscraper in Jupiter
Or get me the head of Osama

The entire world I can get
Only if I wish
My beloved had promised;
Not to witch hunt me like Osama
But promise me a positive change like Obama
God knows I’ll be in comma
If he declares this game over

Oh! The path I am on

Sometime appears to be made of torn

But onward I have vow to match

To the land where no mortal can search

Known to my God alone

I came through a road that is watered by blood

Through the path of tigers I came on board

I am dark but the sun n storm has left me like a blonde

With my bare hands I have set all my fears in bonds

When I run I am the fastest

In the air with eagles I am the best

I convert stones to dust with my feet

The king of all beasts in forest confirms that I am strong n fit

I leave foot prints that no foot can beat

In my life I have question the very existence of failure

Umpteenth times I have sent misfortune to torture

Got the head of inconsistency bruised

N poverty crucified

I am the greatest

Albert einstein can not match my intellect

Mohammed Ali cannot stand my punch

Rocker feller marvels at my wealth

the Queen of sheba heard of me

N declares greater than solomon is born

I am one in a million

Call me the greatest if u like

As for me i am the champions’ champion

you remind me of the coming of Christ
thinking about you
like meditating on the holy book

height like tower of babel
hair like Solomon’s vineyard
eye lashes like Lillie’s of valley
eye lids like spear of David
nose like rose of Sharon
lips like work of a master craftsman
neck like pyramid of Egypt
breast round n pointed like mountain Sinai
Tommy flat n well fittel to v like hips
buttocks like gallop road to Jericho
with straight legs
like beautiful pillars used to beautify an apartment

Ur picture
like the Scripture
I’ll not leave you till I rapture

africa home of inspiration n power

africa home of inspiration n power

Mother land

Home of inspiration n power

Battered by injustice

Threaten by racist

Yet unshaken

Rejoice oh! Motherland

For Against the will of your enemies

You have prevailed

A sheep among lions

With wisdom beyond measure

Clothed with rock

N Crowned with sunshine

Yet your beauty no mortal can match

Africa! My Africa, Oh! Tis Africa

Sweetest song ever sang

Greatest poem ever written

Land of hope n faith

I will abide in your tent

I will make me a couch there in

For me n my mothers children

So long your glory prevails

I will abide

Africa! Africa, Oh! Tis my Africa

Sweetest song ever sang

Greatest poem ever writen.

Hello my lady.

It had been a nice time with you,

I must confess

U sweeter than honey

N more precious than fine gold.

Now I am leaving,

Well educated

In your house

I had midnight classes.

Though my mother fed me

With her breast

But I never knew how

To suck life from it,

Until I met you.

Your kisses always trigger

The power house

Of my imagination

Leaving my fragile heart

With love songs n poems.

The pool between your hips

My favorite.

There in, I use to swim,

Swim until I empty myself in you.

My lady,

U thought me

Some swimming techniques

That can quench the desire

Of any woman,

This I must not forget

As I leave you.

I just have to leave

Cos my bride will soon return

N this she must not hear

Lest my future be thrown away.

My lady

U are a goddess of love,

An epitome of romance.

My waist is yet to

Recover from the pain

It sustain in its quest to

Satisfy your urge

But I count it joy

For I am now a learned man

N fit for my wife to be

I bid you farewell

My lady

I write you

Cos I can’t stand your presence

Lest I collapse in thy arms again

Goodbye my lady.

oh! naija, ur children are battered by wild wind of uncertainties in a nation flowing with vast ocean of opportunities

oh! naija, ur children are battered by wild wind of uncertainties in a nation flowing with vast ocean of opportunities

Nigeria oh Nigeria!
Sweet memory of u
I had as a child
Green white green
My favorite of all colors.
Coat of arm
My first artistry work
Oh! How I tripped on hearing
About your resources,
Hope of Africa my mothers believe.

But how true, is your claim?
Land flowing with milk n honey
Yet its citizens are drowning in poverty
Land of millionaires’ n kings
Yet beggars out-number flies
Kingdom of optimist
Yet rule by pessimist
Behold your kings’ n queens
In servants attires.

Oh! Nigeria
Now you are grown up
Yet your destination is undefined.
Your lawmakers are as confuse
As your law breakers.
For decades they have been
Debating on clothes
Yet its citizen are battered
By wild wind of uncertainties
In a nation flowing with vast
Ocean of opportunities.

Oh! Father land
Do not be wroth with me
For my heart, I’ve spoken
Out of pain n sorrow I uttered
These words
Like a child to his drunken father.

Oh! ‘That you change now
Then my heart, be pleased.
N my child hood memory
Ignite a song that I will sing
On mountain top of the world;
Tis’ Nigeria the hope of Africa
Beautiful n pleasing
Envy of the world
Home of the living God
Tis’ Nigeria
God bless Nigeria

am in love with an unknown

She is pretty i perceive,

Each time i try to figure out her shape in my mental sky

The result is always incredible.

Hasiya my neighbor is blessed with big n round boobs

It still reflect in her hijab,

Her gallop buttocks are always crying for a way out,

Her sexy figure n steps, her hijab cannot cover,

With penetrating eyes that can trigger any man within micro seconds

her holiness contends with her seduction
on daily basis

should i aproach you oh daughter of
mix feelings

with Quaran or my love poem

for my heart u’ve won

n for you it will be

because i am not use to this kind of chick.