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..., by her word a city was destroyed

she wore the warriors belt
all his gold she had on her neck
he was bruised for her glory
he was wounded for her transgressions.

she has the champion on her laps
the mightiest of all
is her toy at home
her wish is his command.

she is more fierce than tiger
more poisnous than viper
more cunning than serpent
as vigilant as a fox.

by her word was a city destroyed
by her order another was saved
though she can’t lift a bow
but for her all the world must bow
because her man is the lord of all.

she knew no pain
neither understands what a batlle field
looks like
yet all the spoils of war
are at her mercy.

she had no weapon
yet dictates the dirrection of arrow
in battle field
at her demand
a prophet was beheaded
at her pleasure the strong was blinded
and made n entainer in a strange land.

all the world
she had at her feet
all the pleasure on earth
she had at her bossom
her anger no one must triger
lest the warrior’s wroth be provoked.