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.., all u eva told me were lies

You told me
You will never leave me
Forever you will be with me
And never will leave me
But forever pleasing me.

You told me
You’ll be like brother
And loving like sister
Envelope me with care like mother
Never to hurt me like father
But to build me a shelter
That will protect me from harsh weather.

You told me nothing on earth can murder
All the feelings we gathered
No force on earth can brake
The love we’ve baked.

You told me
I can have the world
If I could just declare a word
Against all odd
You promised never to let me bored.

You told me
Your love for me has no bound
That in your heart my love abounds
And nothing on earth should temper
Lest it provokes your anger.

You told me
That you will hold me
And never to scold me
But forever pleasing me

You told me
That we are meant for one another
Ant that you will die if I leave you for another

Tis’ you told me lies
For now you are gone
Leaving my world so cold
You’ve gone with my heart
You’ve stolen my soul
And expose my fragile body to pain
I’m going insane
Because of the lies you told me


me n mama many year ago

me n mama many year ago

All the world! all the world!!

nothing on earth could be compared

not even the totality of diamond in the world

nor all the hiden treasures in the sea

her love for me is past finding out.

She is the meaning of life

the very breath i’m inhaling

my source of water in the desert

my best book of love

nothing on earth can take her place in my heart.

i’ve combed wikipedia,

perhaps i could get her a beffiting name.

i’ve troubled my mind,

perhaps it could invoke a name that beffits her.

the world book of life,

left me with names n names.

All the world word put together could not get her a name

so i called her my mini-God.

she is great grand daughter of Eve

fashioned not after the first Adam but the second.

She loved me before i know her

she praid me to existence

she bored my pains n endured m sorrows

she taught me the ways of men n the path of greatness

i love you.