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my love is made of venus gold

my love is made of venus gold

My love is made of Venus diamond

Stored in heaven

Guided by angel’s strength

It was begotten by hope

Upon impossibility.

Only a super hope

Could show me so divine a thing

Where feeble faith could not have flown

But vainly flapped its miserable wings.

Soldiers upon soldiers

Had failed

Nobles upon nobles

Had perished

Then come this creature

With little or nothing to offer

But a heart full of gold.

Millions of guns n power

Could not win her heart

Richies upon richies

Her soul desired not

But for that heart full of glory

It adores.

Only a super hope

Could show me so divine a thing

Manufactured in the city of angels

Yet dwells among men,

Seen first by merchants

Embraced first by kings

Yet for them her heart would not flicker

But for that heart full of grace

It yearns for.

Her heart speaks

In an unknown tongue in the palace

The king was worried n sent for interpreters

He also sent for counselors

But like Job of old

She declares; oh! Miserable comforter

Please let me alone for my heart is heavy,

Then the could not sleep
So he sent for all the princes of the world

He also sent for warriors n conquerors

Yet none could understand her heart

Nor help her condition

Then comes this breed of hope n joy

Interpreting her mind even before she think.

Only a super hope could show me so divine a thing

My heart has find its pair she trumpeted with joy

As she shut my wild eyes with a kiss


Oh! The path I am on

Sometime appears to be made of torn

But onward I have vow to match

To the land where no mortal can search

Known to my God alone

I came through a road that is watered by blood

Through the path of tigers I came on board

I am dark but the sun n storm has left me like a blonde

With my bare hands I have set all my fears in bonds

When I run I am the fastest

In the air with eagles I am the best

I convert stones to dust with my feet

The king of all beasts in forest confirms that I am strong n fit

I leave foot prints that no foot can beat

In my life I have question the very existence of failure

Umpteenth times I have sent misfortune to torture

Got the head of inconsistency bruised

N poverty crucified

I am the greatest

Albert einstein can not match my intellect

Mohammed Ali cannot stand my punch

Rocker feller marvels at my wealth

the Queen of sheba heard of me

N declares greater than solomon is born

I am one in a million

Call me the greatest if u like

As for me i am the champions’ champion

common my little boy

fear not the city guards

nor the king makers

even the town courtiers

pay no attention to them

for you have found favour

in my sight

come n befall me like a man of war

come n lavish kisses in my mouth

set me ablaze for love

Oh! naughty boy

behold how roughly

u are riding on Ur Queen

as though u are on Ur servant

i expected u through the door

but u came in through the window

turning me naughty as u spill like Dog from behind

Boy oh boy

i like the way u ride

like a Roman soldier on a battle horse

conquering me in my own apartment

today u no longer a slave but a prince

i will get u a white apparel

with a red rope to match

also a beautiful apartment in the palace

celebrate Ur strenght

for it has gotten u a place in the palace

Do u remember

sometimes in september

how i laid u in my chamber

many miles away from danger

Do u remember

how we made love in winter

like we not gonna stop till summer

then u felt my hammer

like that of a noble carpenter

Do u remember

how i healed ur fever

with sooth words like a preacher

i could remember u called me brother

Do u remember

i called u baby mother

in the night of september

when the sensation from ur nipples left me in comma

like i am not gonna live to see october

Do u remember

u promised to love me forever

n will never declare this game over

i know u know

very much about the unknown

everyday across the street

with a stranger in our midst

leaving me at home

behind a close door alone

memories like cane

imaginations like pain

thinking of how he holds u

imagining how he kisses you

n rides on you so hard

that your screen could not let me sleep

but like a baby in need i weep

u’ve got leave him n come back home

where True satisfaction awaits you

come into my able hand

where no sorrow flickers

for umpteenth times i have head

of how he threatens your heart

u know i am Ur Mr. right

Bid jack farewell

so he can search for his right

perhaps she is in the hand of another

devimcy i hope u're not flattering me

devimcy i hope u're not flattering me

My mother has a little sister.

Her beauty exceed that of the Angels,

She is tall n fit

Her green eyeballs reflect her glory n identity.

Her eyelids like the spear of Caesar

Her eyelashes like a well trimmed flower

Nose like rose

Lips well carved like the work of a master craftsman

Her breast round n pointed like zuma rock

Her Tommy flat n joined to her v-like hips.

Her buttocks like the gallop road to Niger delta

With straight legs like beautiful pillars used to

Beautify an apartment.

She is so sweet n beautiful

Come behold our queen

The future is bright and tight.

Only if u keep Ur dreams alive,

Let no failure erase ur dreams.

I know u have tried,

Keep ur dreams alive

N follow ur heart.

Only to its tune

u are permitted to dance.

The path of greatness is rough
N ur adversary appeared to be tough

But ur dream can see u through.

Dare to dream

Even against all odds

i wish i live in the world alone

i wish i live in the world alone

wish i am in the world alone

would have build me a continent for me alone

with beast, fowls of the air n pets alone

strolling the street all day long alone

listening to no rumour nor gossips but to the sound of nature alone

News will make no sense in my world alone

they are full of war n pain alone

terrorist will have no one to terrorrise in my world alone

for in lonely island i will rest my head on a stone alone

i am a man of deep sorrow

in my a heart is a big hollow

no human, mermaid nor ghost to follow

perhaps i could get the strength of eagle to borrow

a part of me i couldn’t suppress in my heart tells me ; it will be OK tomorrow

weeping may endure in the night

but with Strong faith n might

i heard the preacher said it will be alright

for to win i must live to fight

you remind me of the coming of Christ
thinking about you
like meditating on the holy book

height like tower of babel
hair like Solomon’s vineyard
eye lashes like Lillie’s of valley
eye lids like spear of David
nose like rose of Sharon
lips like work of a master craftsman
neck like pyramid of Egypt
breast round n pointed like mountain Sinai
Tommy flat n well fittel to v like hips
buttocks like gallop road to Jericho
with straight legs
like beautiful pillars used to beautify an apartment

Ur picture
like the Scripture
I’ll not leave you till I rapture

africa home of inspiration n power

africa home of inspiration n power

Mother land

Home of inspiration n power

Battered by injustice

Threaten by racist

Yet unshaken

Rejoice oh! Motherland

For Against the will of your enemies

You have prevailed

A sheep among lions

With wisdom beyond measure

Clothed with rock

N Crowned with sunshine

Yet your beauty no mortal can match

Africa! My Africa, Oh! Tis Africa

Sweetest song ever sang

Greatest poem ever written

Land of hope n faith

I will abide in your tent

I will make me a couch there in

For me n my mothers children

So long your glory prevails

I will abide

Africa! Africa, Oh! Tis my Africa

Sweetest song ever sang

Greatest poem ever writen.