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I have found a brother in a strange land
Suppose to be my mother’s child
Perhaps due to hysteric error
We were broken apart
But love found us

I saw myself in life strange mirror
Disguised in strange but familiar attire
Together we rocked the shaking wave of uncertainties
Together we conquered raging storms of adversity
Together we formed an unbeatable team in the camp

I’ve found a friend in adversity
He stood by me even when I was wrong
He looks like my partner in crime
Not only but also my partner in greatness

I’ve found a prince from kwara
Tall like cedars of Lebanon
More handsome than the prince of Egypt
With redneck made of diamond
Most handsome man child ever begotten by a woman
The delight of queens and princesses

I’ve found a tale yet untold
Once upon a time in Ikare
The best seeds of the entire civilized world
Occupied a tent labeled block two room two
Two heroes were the captain of this great ship
Gafar and Devimcy were the champions of this movement

I’ve found a tale to write
A biography to document
For my generation and generation unborn
A success story of young Gafar
I will tell of his exploits
Of how he dealt with men and beast
In his quest for greatness
I will tell of how he rose from grass to grace
From murky sand of adversity
To solid rock of fortune
Crowned by fame
And protected by angels strength

Tribute to a General in the making
A precious gift from God to my generation
An answered prayer to many homes
A hand for the helpless
An eye to the blind
God bless you my brother


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    • Posted November 21, 2009 at 5:22 pm
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    Oh devimcy you make me remember the sorrow and joy of NYSC you are my BLOOD,and believe me i can never forget you in every step i take cos you are an angel sent to save people we are meant for the greatness.I LOVE YOU.Thanks for the poetry.Cares

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