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kidnap me

kidnap me

I’m a Nigerian
I’m an independent prisoner
My leaders are my oppressors
I’m blessed with abundance
Yet deprived of its pleasure
When I cried no one heard me
When I pray it contends with my ceiling
My soul is wearied n my body tired
Please Kidnap me.

I’m a Nigerian
I was born with silver spoon
Yet devour my meal with rubber
I am a victim of all crises
An attack in Iraq
Can result to blood shed in my environ
Dollars melt down
Can result to naira freezing
An outbreak of virus in china
Can eliminate all of my country men n women
So I am hunted by fear of survival
Please kidnap me.

I’m a Nigerian
I wrote various tests to get to college
Yet on graduation
I live on the mercy of touts
My institutions are confused as confusion itself
They bridged the gulf between justice n evil with traps
So we lost most of our brothers n sisters in their quest for truth
And now I am afraid to exercise my right
But endures to live with my left
Please kidnap me.

I’m a Nigerian
Don’t be mad at me
If you hear people call me militants
Or labeled street urchins on the dailies
My condition had left me with guns
N my circumstance left me with empty plates
I have combed the nooks n crannies of my town for job
But found troubles
I have erased all the letters of my key board editing my CV
Please Kidnap me.


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    • Posted November 16, 2009 at 6:17 pm
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    but who will pay the ransom demand ehn paul nobody i lov every word u use u are great.

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