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Monthly Archives: November 2009

I have found a brother in a strange land
Suppose to be my mother’s child
Perhaps due to hysteric error
We were broken apart
But love found us

I saw myself in life strange mirror
Disguised in strange but familiar attire
Together we rocked the shaking wave of uncertainties
Together we conquered raging storms of adversity
Together we formed an unbeatable team in the camp

I’ve found a friend in adversity
He stood by me even when I was wrong
He looks like my partner in crime
Not only but also my partner in greatness

I’ve found a prince from kwara
Tall like cedars of Lebanon
More handsome than the prince of Egypt
With redneck made of diamond
Most handsome man child ever begotten by a woman
The delight of queens and princesses

I’ve found a tale yet untold
Once upon a time in Ikare
The best seeds of the entire civilized world
Occupied a tent labeled block two room two
Two heroes were the captain of this great ship
Gafar and Devimcy were the champions of this movement

I’ve found a tale to write
A biography to document
For my generation and generation unborn
A success story of young Gafar
I will tell of his exploits
Of how he dealt with men and beast
In his quest for greatness
I will tell of how he rose from grass to grace
From murky sand of adversity
To solid rock of fortune
Crowned by fame
And protected by angels strength

Tribute to a General in the making
A precious gift from God to my generation
An answered prayer to many homes
A hand for the helpless
An eye to the blind
God bless you my brother


.., all u eva told me were lies

You told me
You will never leave me
Forever you will be with me
And never will leave me
But forever pleasing me.

You told me
You’ll be like brother
And loving like sister
Envelope me with care like mother
Never to hurt me like father
But to build me a shelter
That will protect me from harsh weather.

You told me nothing on earth can murder
All the feelings we gathered
No force on earth can brake
The love we’ve baked.

You told me
I can have the world
If I could just declare a word
Against all odd
You promised never to let me bored.

You told me
Your love for me has no bound
That in your heart my love abounds
And nothing on earth should temper
Lest it provokes your anger.

You told me
That you will hold me
And never to scold me
But forever pleasing me

You told me
That we are meant for one another
Ant that you will die if I leave you for another

Tis’ you told me lies
For now you are gone
Leaving my world so cold
You’ve gone with my heart
You’ve stolen my soul
And expose my fragile body to pain
I’m going insane
Because of the lies you told me

kidnap me

kidnap me

I’m a Nigerian
I’m an independent prisoner
My leaders are my oppressors
I’m blessed with abundance
Yet deprived of its pleasure
When I cried no one heard me
When I pray it contends with my ceiling
My soul is wearied n my body tired
Please Kidnap me.

I’m a Nigerian
I was born with silver spoon
Yet devour my meal with rubber
I am a victim of all crises
An attack in Iraq
Can result to blood shed in my environ
Dollars melt down
Can result to naira freezing
An outbreak of virus in china
Can eliminate all of my country men n women
So I am hunted by fear of survival
Please kidnap me.

I’m a Nigerian
I wrote various tests to get to college
Yet on graduation
I live on the mercy of touts
My institutions are confused as confusion itself
They bridged the gulf between justice n evil with traps
So we lost most of our brothers n sisters in their quest for truth
And now I am afraid to exercise my right
But endures to live with my left
Please kidnap me.

I’m a Nigerian
Don’t be mad at me
If you hear people call me militants
Or labeled street urchins on the dailies
My condition had left me with guns
N my circumstance left me with empty plates
I have combed the nooks n crannies of my town for job
But found troubles
I have erased all the letters of my key board editing my CV
Please Kidnap me.