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I bore the pain of a woman I never knew

I bore the pain of a woman I never knew

Oh! the pain in my heart
Who brought me to this cruel earth
Surrounded by crooks
Lost in pages of books
Searching for answers of questions
That never atrract others attentions

I bore the pain of a woman I never knew
Its scar in my heart is still fresh and new
I am miserable of all men
Though invoked too by siemen

Sucide can not quench my sorrow
Neither can the grave show me a path to follow
All my life I’ve sought for life immortal to borrow
So I will have time to answer thousands of questions before me
Especially of a woman that left me

Nanny can never replace the place of mother
Neither can toys replace the joy of mother
I grew with a woman on white clothes
But the unfufillment in my heart I took note

When I will see this woman
I will be glad to tell her that her baby is now a man
I’ll not forget to tell her about this selfish world
That even killed He that was sent to deliver her from her bond
And watered the high ways of the earth with cold blood

For now, I’ll bare my pain alone
Until when I’ll conquer it alone
Within my heart I know goodness always overcome evill
N every one that hunts the motherless will have his lots with the devil
Soon the arc of moral universe
Will set the arrow the wicked reverse


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