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All my life I’ve been on board
Perhaps I could squeeze my way abroad
My home to me had become a prison
It breeds no room for reason
I sought for a land flowing with milk n honey
Where I could afford comfort with little or no money

I’ve sold my family’s lot
I’ve looted their treasuries
Thrice I had been a victim of dark men
Oh how these waves weakened my curiosity
But my dream they couldn’t murder
For I had vowed to cross our boarder
To the land of all possibilities

My light has shined at last I thundered
Go get me the hottest wine in town
Call all my friends to merry
Come along with grace for me to marry
For together we’ll fly
To the land of hope

Who sent misfortune packing from its abode?
It has found a corner in my room
The postman’s bike had a delay
Only to reach me after the appointed time.

Woe to me!
All men shall call me cursed
For I’ve missed a trip to heaven
How will I endure the pain in this oven?
Administered by men in coven.


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