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hope mt lady wait till i make money

hope mt lady wait till i make money

i saw this lady on a mile

wish i have what it takes to make her mine

my heart would have been alright n fine

wish i can offer gold but all i have is a dine

where on earth can i find gold to mine

so i can have her smile.

Oh! God i am fixed

she caught on me on a rag last night

i shivered like a coward on a fight

but i thought my rag was sweet n tight

untill i was expose to her beauty n might

wish the birds will whisper to her that she’s my miss right.

i’ll embark on a journey for greatness

because right now i am helpless

but i pray my lady wait for me

for when i’ll arive is not known to me

but i’ll not be glad if a merchant took her from me

i have never love a woman but her

but my pocket is to empty to afford her

her family list allmost send me crazy

so, i must embark on this journey.


One Comment

  1. your poem on nigeria was very heartfelt! nice!

    please check out this blog & leave a comment.

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