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born in a space

full of race

to grow stong i need a pace

for before me is a race

which only the fittest survive.

the thought of being a champion in this Game

wearied me all night

untill i ecountered a beast with a flame

that ignite my path

to be a champion in this world

i heard him

u need a sword

though not a physical sword

but a sword that can search the realms of destiny

for the path of destiny is rough

n to arrive u must be tough

your adversaries on this path are many

n traps to bring you down are many

they have deny their eyes sleep

so they can manipulate you in the deep

they have pleasure in the down fall of the elect

whom the Lord alone protect.

i will gird myself with the sword of truth

not forgetting the shield of faith

though a thousand forces rise against me

none of their arrow will hurt me

i’ll not join the world in the race

for i live not by strenght but by grace

n He that bade me to obtain a sword

said i’m not born to survive in the world

but to reign as prince in the world.


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