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for  the glory of israel i fought

for the glory of israel i fought

when israel were staggered by chilly wind of adversity

battered by the ragging storm of the philistine

some moments when hope was lost in Jacob

then surely i was born.

Born a Nazarine

with straight hairs which no razor must touch

Born a superman with strenght beyond measure

Born a messiah with strengght that no mortal can match.

Little wonder

A lion was tore by my hands

the city gate of our foes find itself on my shoulder

at the top of mount hebron

Birds saw it n marvel

Dogs heard of it n wag their tails

Isreal heard it n tremble;

for they knew not that the lord

had delivered the Philistines into my hands.

with the jaw bone of an ass heaps upon heaps

with the jaw bone of an ass i slew a thousand men

with their blood i watered the freedom-tree of the seeds of Jacob.

In my quest for greatness

i ran into the Queen of darkness

clothed in human atire

with hot laps like fire.

Cause be Delilah the daughter of the Philistine

Cause be all the women of Sorek

for your daughter delivered me to our oppresors

n made me grind in prison

even to serve with rigour

hot tears i dropped

my sight i lost

over nigh’ i became an entertainer in a strange land.

Oh! the Lord of Israel is God indeed

his grace prevail my weakness when i am in need

so with fresh strenght from on high

i destroy thousands of the philistnes

they are all dead

but here am i sleeping.


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