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we'll not give sleep to our eyes untill justice prevails

we'll not give sleep to our eyes untill justice prevails

our house is on fire

by men on strange attire

we sought for gun to hire

to frustrate these glutons till they are tired

for they have made our people thin like wire.

they have ransacked the nooks n cranny of our towns

perhaps they could have treasure to purchase some crowns

our soils they’ve rendered useless

behold our farmers coming back from the field helpless

with token our traitors had gotten our leaders influence

while they live abroad in affluence.

to whom much is given much is required

to us much is given but little we’ve acquired

so we’ve decided to do something before

the Lord of the land return

lest He accuses of for doing nothing

with the treasure he left in our bosom

n the little we acquired will be given to our traitors.

To enjoy our resources we must fight

so our brothers once whispered to us

but our oppresors deceived n moved away our conscience with a Bus

yes! all of us.

Now that we’ve tasted of the forbiden fruit in the pipe

our eyes like Adam is open Wide

to behold the richies that abound in our land

n the chain that binds our hands.

So we’ve decided to fight till we die

we’ve decided to entertain no more lies

better for all of us to die in pieces

than to live in penury in peace

in a land flowing with vast ocean of opportunities.

we’ll trade our clothes for rifles

we will trade our life for death

for the glory of generation unborn

we’ll fight perhaps our enemies we can set ablaze

perhaps we’ll recover our treasure n make most of it

so when the master comes we will account of how we use it

this is our faith that’s why we fight

we’re not millitants but seekers of justice.


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