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u call me an outlaw, but only God can judge me

u call me an outlaw, but only God can judge me

my world had no boarder

i had no respect for order

i inflicted pain on myself n other

i lived my life like i have no mother

all day i sought for the souls of men to murder

i had a moron as father

wish i can disappear at will

n reappear at whim

then my life would have been mine

n the fun on earth, in my custodium till my time

i lived by chance

n i was troubled all day in my trance

my trouble i bore alone

though with bold face across the street

sometimes i broke down n cry alone

in the secret chamber of my home

but i wasn’t born n outlaw

the world made me an outlaw

wicked world;

u paid me to kill

but now u sought me to kill

u put guns in my hands

but now u sought to bind my hands

no good in u i once heard the preacher

then u deafen my ears so i could not hear my teacher

now u’ve quenched my light

at the peak of my might

when the world had learnt to endure my pain

n embrace my fame

u screwed me up

fuck u n ur fucking world

in the world to come i’ll be back, i give u my word


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