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when pain could not go away

when pain could not go away

for nine month she had him in her belly

she sang at every corner of her room

for the joy of the seed in her Tommy

oh! it could be a handsome groom

she imagined n prayed

he could grew up to rule the world she uttered

as she sang worship song to God alone

for the seed in her womb alone.

at the time of life she conceived him

her dream had come true it seems

for a baby boy was born

song from women almost expose her room to sun

their dance almost cause the room to quake

her husband had no sorrow to bake

for a baby boy is born

with a prideful countenance he declares; come behold my son

night after night

day after day

her seed was becoming a beautiful tree

so beautiful n evergreen like it is planted behind a sea

he was the talk of town

he was fondly called the family crown

why are the mighty fallen

n our heart swollen

like a candle that burns till it fades

so the days of men vanishes away

my precious egg is fallen before my very eyes

let me die for the pain i carry is not my size

behold they that rejoice with me

are coming to mourn with me

i must die with him

perhaps in the world beyond i can console him

for his dreams that he never live to actualize

oh God! why ? she cried



  1. Such beautiful poem.
    It braught tears in my eyes.

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