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Oh! The path I am on

Sometime appears to be made of torn

But onward I have vow to match

To the land where no mortal can search

Known to my God alone

I came through a road that is watered by blood

Through the path of tigers I came on board

I am dark but the sun n storm has left me like a blonde

With my bare hands I have set all my fears in bonds

When I run I am the fastest

In the air with eagles I am the best

I convert stones to dust with my feet

The king of all beasts in forest confirms that I am strong n fit

I leave foot prints that no foot can beat

In my life I have question the very existence of failure

Umpteenth times I have sent misfortune to torture

Got the head of inconsistency bruised

N poverty crucified

I am the greatest

Albert einstein can not match my intellect

Mohammed Ali cannot stand my punch

Rocker feller marvels at my wealth

the Queen of sheba heard of me

N declares greater than solomon is born

I am one in a million

Call me the greatest if u like

As for me i am the champions’ champion


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