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Hello my lady.

It had been a nice time with you,

I must confess

U sweeter than honey

N more precious than fine gold.

Now I am leaving,

Well educated

In your house

I had midnight classes.

Though my mother fed me

With her breast

But I never knew how

To suck life from it,

Until I met you.

Your kisses always trigger

The power house

Of my imagination

Leaving my fragile heart

With love songs n poems.

The pool between your hips

My favorite.

There in, I use to swim,

Swim until I empty myself in you.

My lady,

U thought me

Some swimming techniques

That can quench the desire

Of any woman,

This I must not forget

As I leave you.

I just have to leave

Cos my bride will soon return

N this she must not hear

Lest my future be thrown away.

My lady

U are a goddess of love,

An epitome of romance.

My waist is yet to

Recover from the pain

It sustain in its quest to

Satisfy your urge

But I count it joy

For I am now a learned man

N fit for my wife to be

I bid you farewell

My lady

I write you

Cos I can’t stand your presence

Lest I collapse in thy arms again

Goodbye my lady.


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