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Gird your loins
My little Angel’
For we’ve gone too far,
Fears are beginning
To gather in my heart
But courage bid me to go on
Our love, like Adolf Hitler against the world.

My heart’
We’ve got better reason to fight
Than Hitler,
We’ve a future to build
We’ve an ecstasy to reach,
Though the world against us
On our feet we must stand
On ward we must march
Like mighty men of war
We must not faint
Our love, like Mandela against appetite.

My lady
Turn not, from me.
Come and rest under my roof
For you are like my mothers child,
Sweet n tender
Comely in deed n sexy
Come n rest under my
For the walls are built with concrete
N no enemy weapon can penetrate
Our love, like martin Luther against racism.

Friends like British soldiers
Families like American troops
Neighbors like Russian marine
With words like missiles
N action like bomb
Threaten to tear us apart
Our love like,
Napoleon Bonaparte against the Alien soldiers.

About three n half score years
After the Second World War
The cloud of another one is so thick
So thick that it threaten to darken our day
Rejoice my heart
for I can hear a still small voice saying;
Weeping may endure for a night
But joy comes in the morning’
Our love, like
William Wallace cry for freedom.

our love like third world war


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