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this trip is dangerous

this trip is dangerous

I met a lady in beach
full beautiful – a faery’s child
her hair very long
n her feet were so light
her lip was like a seat of seduction
n her eyes were wild

I made a bid for her body n heart
also for her fragrant zone
with zero resistance she yielded
she looked at me as she made love
she ghazed n sighed deep as I swimmed

upon recalling my little dogs ‘Bingo n Jumbo’
I set her on a doggy world
for sidelong would she look at me
nagging her naughty head at each pounce I made
singing a faery’s song
with ush as its rhyme

she gave me the fruits in her chest
so sweet they taste
the one between her tighs
so sweet too
like the taste of an apple

with legs wide spread
n hands on my head
she uttered in language strange
‘I love you truely’

at the peak of our journey
she turned me round
and ride on me
straight to pleasure home of ectasy
she wept and moan as she rode
on arrival to the city of climax
we got the earh quaking
with release of joy from veins
there I shut her wild eyes with four kisses


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